|Problems with dating in the social media era|

Whether we like it or not, social media has many effects on relationships today. Well, it can if you let it. I’ve had many discussions about different situations dealing with relationships and social media, so I decided to break this blog down into different sections.

Posting your significant other, or not.

In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, I went through the stage of feeling like my significant other should post me. I felt like if he wasn’t posting me then it was because he was hiding something. Believe me when I tell you, he will post you and still cheat. He will post you and still hit up the next female.

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Posting each other doesn’t validate anything. Especially if you’re not happy in real life.

I went through that stage high school - Freshman year of college. Oh but now, I don’t care. That’s why I get the whole “no face no case” thing women are doing. We learned our lesson and just in case we take an L, it will be in peace!

I don’t care if the person I’m talking to Post my me, just support my business! Re-post my business flyers and blogs! That’s what matter to me now. Not saying they can’t post me, just saying I’m not going to pressure them or make it a big deal if they don’t.

Liking pictures while in a relationship.

I feel like this should only be a problem if they’re liking people’s pictures that they used to deal with. Other than that, they should be able to like pictures without it being a problem because it’s social media and that’s what it’s for. I feel like if you worry about your significant other liking pictures then you’re not really secure in your relationship.

Posting single shit

Let's be real, if you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t be posting single shit or anything that’s disrespectful towards your significant other. That’s all, that’s it.

Inappropriate DM’s

Fellas, if you have a girl, you should not be sending heart eyes and compliments to females DM’s. Same goes for us ladies.

We also have to be careful when conversing with dudes. The whole time we thinking it’s a friendly conversation and he thinking we talking.

Unless…. it’s somebody that you know and y’all are just good friends and nothing more. We have to realize that our significant others knew people before the relationship. We can’t expect them to cut off all communication with everyone. You have to just trust that they won’t overstep their boundaries. If they do overstep them, maybe it just wasn’t meant to begin with.

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Again, social media can only affect your relationship in a negative way if you allow it to. As long as you stay respectful and you and your partner have a clear understanding of what’s going on that’s all that should matter.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to impress the media because in a couple of years this shit will not matter, really.

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