BHMB- It’s time to kill that struggle mentality.

One thing I’ve noticed about a lot of our people is that we like to glorify struggle and make it seem like if you didn’t come up in struggle you’re not worthy or you’re incapable of being a hard worker.

We talk about breaking generational curses and that’s one we need to get rid of FAST!

My parents had me at a young age. They wasn’t rich by any means but they always made sure I didn’t go without and had a lot of the things I wanted. They would always tell my sister and I that they didn’t want us to have to go through the things they went through growing up. They wanted to give us what they didn’t have and that’s understandable.


They still taught us how to work and hustle at the same time. My dad is the reason why me and my sister start doing what we do. He instilled that hustle mentality in us at a young age.

I feel like you have to set your kids up for success. We fail our kids by pushing them out into the world early and leaving them.

Pay attention to other races. They live at home, build credit, save money, start businesses, and don’t move out until they are financially able and stable.

Not most of our people. A lot of our people would rather move out and struggle when they don’t have to. Now, if you don’t have a choice but to move out because of things that’s going on in the home I completely understand. If you’re in a different situation and can stay at home, DO THAT. It’s nothing wrong with that.

To me struggle is not a badge of honor. It doesn’t make you any stronger than the next person. Life will hit you hard either way and that’s what will make you strong.

The goal should be to create some type of wealth to pass down. We can’t do that holding on to that struggle mentality.

This country is already hard enough on us. We don’t need to make it harder on each other, especially our children.

There is nothing wrong with being “spoon fed”. Fuck what the media talking about. Be thankful to have family there to help.

The world is rough.

College is rough.

Life is rough.

Shit will get ROUGH!

…. and without the help of my parents, my dad especially, I don’t know where I would be. We all need help.

Like I said before, if we want our kids to succeed we have to set them up for it. Whether it’s Financial help, a healthy household, financial literacy, life knowledge, we have to give them something.

If you put your kids out into the world to drown and they learn how to swim on their own, don’t go bothering them for help and handouts when they make it because when they needed help and handouts where were you ?

Ebony Blocker2 Comments