“Yeah, I love them Strippers.”

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First off let me just say I plan on keeping these journal entries forever and I plan to pass them down to my kids and grandkids! I know once they read this one they are going to be like “ man mama was really something else”!

I wrote this blog because I hate how all strippers are stereotyped as being nasty whores. No, I’m not a stripper but I do enjoy going to strip clubs and I’ve met a bunch of cool ass strippers since I’ve been going.

We really be in the club talking about life over all the loud noise in the background and I be thinking to myself that these are really regular girls. One of the clubs I went to the girl was off to herself and had her books out studying, a Queen !

I know most people might ask why they just won’t get a regular job but we have to realize everything is not for everybody.

A couple of the girls I’ve met had regular jobs but it wasn’t making them enough money to put them through school without collecting debt. Can’t be mad at that.

Stripping is not prostitution. “All of us not selling our vaginas. Some of us just dance, get our money, and go home.” - April (My favorite stripper)

Stripping is ART.

That shit is a skill and I’m knowing it takes strength because the way they be in the air flipping and hanging from stuff. It’s like gymnastics!

Now , I don’t want to be a stripper but I will take a pole class and learn a few tricks for my future husband! I think I’m going to get a pole installed in my next living room and host pole nights for me and the girls.

I really want to own a strip club one day. I would have strict rules when it comes to making sure my girls are protected though. I hate those disrespectful dudes that get drunk and go in the strip club verbally abusing the strippers! Some men really be on some creepy shit and do the most. I would have my security guards putting people out with the quickness! If you don’t know how to act your age just stay at home. Regardless of how you feel that’s their job and you wouldn’t want someone to come to your job disrespecting you.

Respect the strippers! Most of them carry good vibes and are sweet as ever.

We speak about women empowerment but turn our nose up at certain women because of what they choose to do and to me that’s hypocrite behavior.

It should be about empowering EVERY woman, no matter what they choose to do.



Saw this on Facebook and thought it was so cute. Had to add it to the blog. To her and all of the other young ladies out there like this IM ROOTING FOR YOU!  

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