Lets talk Ovulation and Fertile Days

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I’ve noticed a lot of people are unaware that we have a certain time frame of the month that we are able to get pregnant.

Fertile days and Ovulation Day

I took a poll and 80% of people thought that a woman can get pregnant on any day of the month. I wrote this blog to spread awareness to the ladies so they “won’t get caught slipping” when they’re not ready yet.

Knowing Your Days

I’ll use myself as an example. My last period started on December 15, 2018. My cycle comes on every 28 days which means I’m on 28-day cycle. My period lasts for 3 days. My fertile days for the month of December was the 23rd-28th! My ovulation day was the 27th!

I know it sounds like Spanish but don’t worry, they have apps that will calculate it for you! I’ll list them at the end of this blog with an example of how my calendar looks.

I read that the egg lives for about 12-24 hours when you ovulate and sperm can live inside the body for about 5 days. So, if you have sex during your fertile days, which is a couple of days before you ovulate, you’ll have a chance of getting pregnant.

A lot of young women, like myself, are trying to avoid using birth control because of the side effects. Keeping up with my days is basically me being my own birth control.

If you happen to have sex during your days just make sure you’re safe and protected!

Apps for tracking:


Glow cycle fertility tracker

Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Or you can go on google and type in track my ovulation day.


My days for this month. This is how most apps and trackers will look once you enter all of your info! 

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