Relax, just enjoy the moment.

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Between work and school, I always find myself living for my next free day. When I’m at work I’m thinking about off days. When I’m at school I’m thinking about the weekend and graduation. I’m always thinking about summer. I’m always thinking about my next move. It’s just a constant cycle of thinking of what’s to come when I should be enjoying the current moment.

The importance of living in the moment

Living in the moment is important because once this time passes, I can’t get it back. I’m working on enjoying every moment the Universe gives to me, the good and the bad.

No matter how much I hate work and school, I’m learning to appreciate it because it’s part of me getting to where I need and want to be in life. Might as well enjoy the ride.


Worrying about future events only brings unnecessary stress and doubt.

It also interrupts my inner peace. I feel like the only way to feel at peace is to spend each and everyday living in the moment.

Life moves way too fast for me to wake up one day and realize I spent half of my days waiting for tomorrow.

I’ve been living in Baton Rouge for the last 2 years for school and it’s getting harder for me every month because I’m so ready to move. All of my friends and family live in North Louisiana and Texas. I have a couple of friends on this end but none of them are from BR either so once the semester is over they have to leave. Don’t get me wrong I’m not lonely here! I have loved ones here who love me like I’m family and I wish they could come with me when I move but that’s not how life works sadly.

I had to realize I can’t spend the rest of my time here waiting on my move date, I just have to find things to do for the rest of my time here. I need to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones on this end while I’m still living here. I also met one of my soul mates while living here so I need to spend as much time with him as possible while we’re still living in the same city.

It’s all apart of my journey. I just need to calm down and enjoy the shit.