|How to grow you Pinterest audience in a MONTH !|

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I have been actively using pinterest for a little over a month now and my audience reach went from 1k to 23k in that short amount of time. I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to using Pinterest, so I decided to share a couple of the things I’ve done to grow my audience so far.


-          PIN, PIN, PIN!

Whenever I have down time in between classes, while I’m at work, or when I’m just at home relaxing I pin. I try to pin at least 50 times a day. I’m pretty sure that I end up pinning way over that number some days because I come across so much interesting stuff.


-          Join Boards

There are a bunch of boards and Pinterest support groups you can join on Pinterest that will help increase your traffic. These groups are basically made up of other Pinterest users and you guys can share your favorite pins to the board. If you are a blogger these types of boards really come in handy because they can help attract more readers to your site.


-          Re-Pin

When some of your favorite pins get old just re-pin them. This will keep the pin active.


-          Pin quality pins!

Make sure the pins that you’re pinning are good quality. Pin pins that stand out!

Pinterest timelines move fast so you should make sure your pins are attention grabbers.



Once you get the hang of everything it will become another hobby. Just simply pinning my blogs has gotten me so many website clicks. I advise anyone with a blog or business to take advantage of Pinterest!

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