| The Universe is speaking|

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Lunar eclipse?!

Mercury retrograde?!

Leo season?!

Change is HERE. Reflect. Release. Replenish.


-          Take a step back and look at the things you need to change. The things that haven’t been going the way you planned. The things that you feel are no longer serving a purpose in your life and any bad habits. Now…


-          Did you think about everything that I just said? Ok, cool. Release that shit.


-          Now fill your mind back up with goals for this next chapter. Fill yourself up with positive thoughts and new intentions. Put things into ACTION.


Tonight the lunar eclipse took place. I stood outside and looked at the full moon for a while. I spoke a couple of things into existence while I was out there. I also took this time to let go of any worry that I had. I know whatever the Universe has in store for me it will be mine if I never give up and continue to work towards it.

I see a lot of people saying that the retrograde is making them an emotional wreck, but I feel the complete opposite at this moment.

At this moment my intentions are clear.

My thoughts are very positive.

I know what I want.

I have no problem with getting rid of extra baggage.

In this very moment, I feel whole.

I feel light.

I feel new.

Not only have major changes happened to me but also to some of the people that are close to me. I feel like the universe is preparing us for this next chapter.

I feel so good right now its kind of scary. I’ve gotten the things I’ve asked for now I just have to see them through.

The universe spoke, I heard everything loud and clear.

"Tonight I release,

tonight I reflect,

tonight I am replenished"