| The art of sisterhood|

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 That “no new friends” mindset is something that we must kill ladies.

I remember when I used to think that way, but life changed my mind quick. No matter how much we tell ourselves we don’t need friends at the end of the day we really do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with meeting and connecting with new people.

I’m not saying you have to hang out every day and be super close with everyone you meet because we all have our inner circle group of friends.

But… Don’t let that stop you from forming connections with other women outside of your inner circle.

Me and my inner circle friends are all into different things. I can’t expect them to connect with and engage in conversation with me about the things that I’m interested in 24/7. That’s why I have my inner circle friends, my blogger friends, and my spiritual “woke” type friends.

Different interest brings different people into your life.

 My friends keep me SANE sometimes. Girl time, group chats, girl trips etc. can really help you get through.

Most of my friends are students, so the encouragement we give each other during the semesters is well needed because shit is hard in college!

Having people in your corner that wants to see you win is a great feeling.

Stop worrying about who not there for you and if the person “real” or not.

Stop being afraid to connect with new people because of failed friendships in the past.

The universe will eventually show you who for you.

Time will tell just who is on my side"   -J.Cole


I feel like nothing can stop a group of motivated women.

Find your tribe.

Motivate one another and work hard until everyone is on top.

Sisterhood is beautiful. Embrace it.