|6 Tips for Growing bosses|

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And Im baccccckk with a couple tips for my growing bosses out there. I KNOW starting off is hard but that’s what we got each other for.


  Tip 1: Have a plan!

Know what it is that you want to do.

Know what it is that you want your brand to represent.

Sitting down and creating a plan will help you organize your thoughts and ideas and know where you need to start. If things don’t go exactly as planned that’s ok! That’s what plans b and c are for.

Tip 2: Set goals!

Once you get your business/brand up and running, I suggest setting a couple of long-term and short-term goals. For example, when I first launched my blog/business one of my goals was to get a certain number of subscribers. Setting small goals like that will give you the motivation you need to work harder to make your brand known within the community that you’re targeting.


Networking was something that I really had to work on. I come from a small town and I knew almost everyone, so I never really had to network. I know everyone has heard the saying “having connections with the right people can get you somewhere faster than a degree” or “ It’s not about what you know it’s about who you know.”

Those sayings are true in most cases.

Living in Louisiana, I have to do most of my networking via social media, but it has really helped out a lot.

If you have a facebook I would suggest joining as many groups as you can that relates to what you do. Facebook groups have really been a big part of helping me get my blogs out there.

Tip#4: Stay Consistent!


Don’t get me wrong, once you feel like you’ve reached a big enough audience and accomplished most of your goals it’s ok to take a break.


When you’re first starting out I suggest staying consistent. Put out as much content as you can but make sure it’s quality content that comes from your heart. Don’t get so caught up on being consistent that you and just throw things together to get it out.

PROMOTE as much as you can. People need to see your products and the things that you’re offering.

Tip#5. Set a budget.

Try not to overspend in the beginning. Set aside money for your business necessities. Keep in mind that with a small business thing usually start off slow so there is no guarantee that you will make that money back. 


Educate yourself as much as possible. The more you know the better your shit will flow!