|4 more ways to show up for YOU|


Remember when I said that self-care is a continuous thing? Well I’m back today to drop a few more gems on ways that you can show up for yourself.

Collect Affirmations

I’ve set up two jars in my apartment and filled them with affirmations. One for me and one for my guest so when they come over they can leave with something that helps them through the rest of their day.

Reading affirmations and believing in them can really have a big impact on your life. Grabbing an affirmation out the jar is a part of my morning routine. I grab one, read it, and continue to read it throughout the day.

 Repetition of positive words? A KEY

"Start your morning and end your day by

feeding your mind

positive words." -Ebony B

Join some type of class

Zumba, Yoga, Pole dancing, it doesn’t matter! Exercising will give you a sense of control over your life. Not only is that taking time out for yourself but its also taking time out for your health.  You have to give yourself something different to look forward to during the week or you'll start to feel like a hamster on a wheel. That “same ole same ole” lifestyle gets old quick. 

You’ll find a lot of comfort in your life and control over your life by joining activities.

Start Listening to Podcast

Some of my favorite podcast

Rabbits Whole

The Black Girl Bravado

Hey, girl

Dear Black Girl


To all iphone users, our phones come with the podcast app! Podcast are another way to start your mornings and end your nights. TV and social media apps can become a bit much at times so podcast are my go to when I need to unplug from social media.

It’s basically like listening to a radio show! I love putting on a podcast while commuting to class or work in the mornings and especially before I go to bed at night.

Take yourself out

Put on a cute little outfit and take yourself out! We have to get in the habit of enjoying our own company. Leave bae at home, leave your friends, and just go! By doing this you can give yourself head space and time to reflect.

                                                                                                        -Ebony B