BHMB|Dear Black people|

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A lot of people may not care

A lot of people can’t be helped

But we can at least try and start from somewhere. -ebonyb

Y’all …. Caring about what’s going on with your people can become so tiring at times. I be thinking about how I wish I could be one of those regular young adults who only think about regular young adult things.

But unfortunately, I don’t. I feel like there are certain things that need to be said because it’s time for us to come together and help one another do better. So I have to get it off my chest.  Our culture is undefeated. It’s powerful. Our music, our style, everything has a big influence on this world. However, something happened and a lot of us started to see each other as enemies.

Blacks supporting Blacks

 Our people are at the bottom of the list when it comes to supporting our own. I read an article from a Jewish man and he talked about how the black community can’t thrive because they don’t know how to help one another and keep their money within their own community. I couldn’t be mad because everything he said was true. We support and give our money to every other race but when it comes to supporting our own we become hesitant. We tear each other down with not only words but actions. You ever wondered why that white guy at your job got the position you wanted even though he has no experience or qualification for it? It’s because his brother, uncle, cousin, or somebody owns that business and they gave it to him. It’s because when one of their family members “get on” they “put everybody else on”.

Take a drive around the black neighborhoods and look at all the local businesses. All the corner stores, hair supply stores, and gas stations are owned by another race. Chinese, Asians, Arabs, really come over here, drop a store in a black neighborhood, and get rich off of our money! But we will walk right by the black owned business and use the excuse of the prices being too high. What we don’t think about is how its harder for our people to get business loans etc etc. There's so many odds against business owners but it's double the odds when it comes to Black businesses. 

And black people that make it should stop moving away and just forgetting about the place and start giving back. We have to start building our own communities. We have to stop waiting on the government to make change in our communities and change it ourselves. Like Tupac said, they don’t give a fuck about us…. or should I keep it the Michael Jackson version and  say they don’t really care about us?!

At the end of the day, no matter how much money we have, we will still be Black. African American. That’s what a lot of rich black people forget.


Let’s just stop that shit period. If you got a cousin, brother, uncle, or anybody living that lifestyle it won’t hurt to reach out to them. Show them the bigger picture. I know a lot of our young men are too lost to be found but it’s worth the try. Older men should start setting better examples for the younger men. Our men really kill each other over things like color and what part of the city they live in. Our men have really been brainwashed and programmed into hating each other. It’s already enough against us, we don’t need to be against each other.


We have to stop leaving it up the school system to teach our children everything. A lot of the stuff has been watered down and white-washed. The real knowledge must come from home! So, before you bring a child into this world educate yourself, so you’ll be able to educate them. If you already have children, it’s not too late to start. When I say educate yourself I don't mean on the stuff they teach us in school, i'm talking about that REAL knowledge. The stuff they leave out of the books. The stuff they don't teach.


Younger parents, please stop cursing your toddlers out and calling them bitches, stupid, and things of that nature. Since I’ve been living here, I’ve witnessed this happen multiple times and its sad. It’s toxic as hell. That’s why it’s so important to find yourself. Any woman with knowledge of self and with self-respect won’t call her babies those words. The lost raising the lost. Let’s change that.

And another thing, about 60% of African American children under the age of 18 live in a single parent household. That’s why a lot of our youth are lost. They grow up in a home where the single mom or single father was too focused on providing that they couldn't  focus on teaching them the other things that’s important. They didn't have time to teach them self-love and Self-care. If you don’t see yourself marrying that person don’t have sex with them. I know sometimes shit happen but we got to start making 2 parent households a thing again. 

And just because you're a single mom doesn't mean it's too late. I know a lot of single parents out there that practice self-love and instill it in their children as well.

This blog will most likely be my only blog like this. It feels good to talk about it though. If I can reach one person and they pass it along to reach one other person that’s progress!

"I Know you want to save the world but for the night please, just reach over and hit the the lights please"