| Blog Schedules? How I feel ...|

In my 5 tips for beginner bloggers I talked about how you should set a schedule for your blogs. I now realize that schedules are overrated when it comes to blogging, well for me it is! Schedules work for some people but it started to make me feel like I had to force out content.

To me blogging is a type of art. I’ve decided to only write when the words come to me. I can actually still batch blog this way because sometimes, so many different topics come to me at once.

“Don’t spend all of your time trying to find the words. Let the words find you” -Ebony B.

This is what helped me get rid of writer’s block. I never experience the feeling of not knowing what to write because I know the inspiration will come to me when it’s time. I can’t count how many times I’ve been in the shower and ended up writing a blog in my head before I got out. Some nights I lay in bed and BOOM, the words just start flowing. I make sure to write down my thoughts right then and worry about editing later.

Painters create masterpieces from inspiration.

Musicians make music from inspiration.

It’s the same with writers.

Don’t force the ideas

Don’t force the words

Just let the creative shit flow…


Ohhh … and keep a journal near by at all times because you never know when it’ll start to flow ….


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