| Tips for beginner bloggers|

I started my blogging journey last year and since then I’ve learned so much. I’m always being asked different questions about how to start a blog or things you should do once you’ve started. I still consider myself a beginner blogger, but I also feel like I’ve learned enough about the beginning stages to help someone.

Tip #1: Let your personality show through your content!

-          Write in your truth as some would say. When I first started blogging I felt so much pressure. I didn’t want to curse or use slang because I didn’t want to seem all “ratchet”! After a while I stopped that! My readers soon learned that I like to switch between Ebonics and proper English depending on the topic and my mood. I told myself that this is my blog, my thoughts, and how I express myself. Being yourself will attract the audience that’s meant for you. When writing and putting out content you want to have your readers feeling like they’ve met you in person.

Tip #2: Don’t stress about likes and shares!

-          Just write and put it out there. When I first started I told myself that I wouldn’t let likes and shares validate my content. I was reading an article and it said,” If only one person read my work and take something from it then I did my job.” My blogs that performed the best were ones that I wrote and didn’t expect them to get any shares! I was literally just writing down my thoughts and releasing them.

Tip #3: You will make mistakes!

-          Before I post a blog, I go through and prof read it at least 3 times and sometimes I still miss a typo. I once wrote a blog called “How you going to win if you ain’t right within?”, and I kid you not I made a mistake in the very first sentence on the very first word! That particular blog performed pretty well which goes to show you people will still read your content if you make a mistake. We understand! Sometimes shit just happen!

Tip #4: SEO your blog!

-          SEO stands for search engine optimization. On most websites, you can do this in your settings. You basically enter key words that describes your website. For instance, if you are a natural hair blogger and someone searches natural hair on google, it will help your content relating to natural hair appear in the first couple of pages. It helps drives traffic to you blogs. I recently read that the longer blogs the better. I’ll have to do more research on that and update you guys. 

Tip #5: Appearance and pictures!

-          One of my pet peeves is going to a website that I have to constantly zoom in and out on to focus it because it’s not mobile friendly. Having a website that’s mobile friendly is important for all the on the go readers or people who may not have access to a laptop or desktop. Most website host will show you a preview of how you site will look on a mobile phone. I use square space and it shows me how my site will look on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

-          Pictures also matter in the blogging community. Pictures are what grabs a person’s attention. I’m guilty of following other bloggers because of the nice pictures they take!

Tip #6: Stay Consistent!

-          Set a schedule for your blog. Set days or a day out of the week to work on your content. You wouldn’t want to write a blog, grab a reader’s attention, then go missing on them! I try to put out content at least once a week. It’s ok, you don’t have to put out 5 or 6 blogs a week. Staying consistent basically means just don’t go missing for months when you’re trying to build your blog. If you are a student like me and need to stay on top of your work I would suggest you write a couple blogs at once and schedule one for each upcoming week. That’ll be a way you will have a couple weeks’ worth content done and you can focus on school without having to completely neglect your blog. I call it batch blogging.

-          And lastly, don’t rush greatness. Work at your own pace and when you need to take a break, take it.