|The art of Self-Love|

Self-love/confidence is the greatest thing a person can carry. Personally, I don’t think you can reach your full potential without it.

Everyone starts off with self-love but somewhere along the line something happens and you lose it. I’m not saying this happens to everyone because some people never lose their sense of self-love. But for most people things like bad break-ups, toxic family members, bullying, and COLLEGE are all things that can affect your ability to love yourself.

My self-love faded during the start of "college life". Well not the start but sometime during freshman year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my freshman year. It was the best! But somehow, during all the fun I was having I still lost myself.

Dealing with class, the pressure of passing, the pressure of being successful and adjusting to the new “adult” thing can become a bit much. You become so busy being here and there and doing this and that you forget about the most important person, YOU!

I know it might sound crazy but the whole looking in the mirror and having a talk with yourself thing WORKS! I remember thinking “damn I’m really crazy, standing up here talking to myself!” But it didn’t stop me. I was telling myself positive affirmations, compliments, and reasons to just keep PUSHING. I did this every day until I started to really believe it again. Until I started to feel how I once felt about myself.

When I found myself dealing with college guy problems, I got through it by knowing that everyone is not meant to come into your life and stay. A lot of young people lose their self-love and sense of self-worth in relationships. They start to tell themselves maybe it’s me, maybe I’m not enough, but forget that. I’m here to tell you that to the right person you will be everything. BUT, none of that matters if you’re not everything to yourself.

 (Refer to my relationship talk blog entry if you need a little more advice in that area)

Not loving yourself can affect everything around you. It can cause anxiety, stress, depression, and have you creating problems that’s not even there with the people you love. The main reason a lot of people hate to hear about others good news come from lack of self love. I always felt that when you are secure in yourself another persons accomplishments wouldn't make you feel some type of way.

Be your own biggest fan. Walk around with your head UP. If you don’t love yourself and believe in yourself no one will, real talk. “Switches to Louisiana slang” If you not secure enough to gas yourself up who will?

Never let anyone take your will to love yourself away from you. Never allow yourself and your thoughts to take it away from you either.


Love yourself.

Live your best life.

& Spread hella good vibes.