A Must Read: Un-F Yourself


Get out of your head and into your life. – Gary J. Bishop

You ever find yourself living in your head a lot? Telling yourself I’ll do it tomorrow or it can wait? Talking yourself out of pursuing your dreams? Telling yourself I can’t do that, I’m just not enough, I’ll fail. If so, this book is for you. This book helped me a lot! It’s actually still helping me because I find myself referring to it every other day.

This book gave me a new get up and go about myself. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about the things I wanted to do but never would get around to doing them. Other times, I would be too afraid to even try to do them because I would let my thoughts THINK me out of doing things. FEAR. This book really helped me realize that the things I really want in life are on the other side of that fear. It’s either you’re going to sit around and think about doing it or you’re going to actually do it.

Thinking about the future

Thinking about the future became very stressful to me at one point. The messages in this book really gave me a wakeup call.

“No matter how hard we try, we can never predict

 exactly what life will bring. Our plans will falter at

 some point eventually” - Gary J. Bishop

This quote made me realize that I spend too much time worrying about things that I can’t change. Life is not and will not be the perfect fairy tale that I want it to be. Bad shit will happen! Good shit will happen! All I have is NOW. I can only be concerned with today. I’ll take care of tomorrow when I get there.

“Stay out of the swamp of mediocrity and drama,

reach for your greatest self, your greatest potential,

and challenge yourself to live that life

 every single day of it” – Gary J. Bishop

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book this good, which reminds me, I really need to do a self-care book haul!

I now realize the importance of embracing the uncertainty and to start DOING! 

I say all the time that we can’t let ourselves become victim to our own mind and this book definitely helps with that!  


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