| 5-tips for when you're feeling low |


We all go through those feeling down and defeated moments! It’s important to have things that can help us out of those moments because depression is REAL.  Below I listed 5 tips that helps me when I’m feeling off balance, defeated, or feel like giving up.

1.       Remember why you started. Remember how far you’ve came.

-          Don’t allow yourself to give up so easily. You started for a reason. Things don’t always go as planned and that’s ok! Look back to where you used to be and who you used to be. Now think about where you are now and the person you’ve grown to be. Even if it’s only a little progress be thankful for it. Congratulate yourself! Some is better than none.

2.       Give Yourself SPACE!

-Go somewhere alone and quiet and relax. BREATHE! Sometimes we fail to give ourselves enough mental space and it causes us to be moody. Especially if your days are usually busy! At the end of each day you should make sure to give yourself a mental break. No, I don’t mean sleep! I mean meditate or do something like yoga. Stay off social media for a bit. 

      3.  Know that the way you’re feeling is only for the moment. 

- The low feeling. The anger. The sadness. The frustration. The confusion. The heart-break.

All these feelings are only for the moment. The 5x5 rule: If it won’t matter in 5 years don’t spend more than 5 mins mad about it. Don’t let 5 minutes, one situation, or one person ruin your mood for the whole day. Brush it off and keep it going. Keep in mind that things will always get better. My grandmother used to always say trouble don’t last always. Any time I find myself getting angry or anytime an inconvenience happen I always tell myself that it won’t matter tomorrow. Hell, it probably won’t matter in the next hour.

       4.Think about the positives.

- Know that things could always be worse. Know that it’s people out there who would love to be in your position. Think about all the things you’ve accomplished. Think about the fact that you woke up this morning in good health! Once you start to look on the bright side, the bad feelings that you had will soon fade away.

  5.Write down small goals and affirmations and refer back.

- As soon as you’re done reading this blog I want you to get out your note book, notes app on your phone, sticky notes, whatever you use for notes to self! I want you write down 5 small goals and 5 self-affirmations. Every time you start to feel low I want you to get them out and read them. Especially on the days you feel like calling it quits. Read them and let them be the fuel that keeps you moving!

Sometimes the world can be

hard enough, we don’t need to

 be hard on ourselves.