Twenty eighteen.

Another crazy but amazing year.

Another year of me learning more about myself.

Another year of finding peace.

Another year of accomplishing goals.

Another year of becoming working to become the best woman I can be.

Of course this year had its ups and downs, but that’s just life. This year was full of chances for me to set things up and get things right.

08.08.18, the day I turned 22. To me, this year was my magical year. I know what it is I’m here to do.

I’m here to learn.

I’m here to help.

I’m here to heal.

I’m here to speak life. To speak life into myself, my family and my friends when shit gets real.

As this year comes to an end I feel grateful. I appreciate everything that the Universe has put in front of me.

To all of my readers and supporters THANK YOU!

Ebony BlockerComment