AHT AHT! Stop chasing that.

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I wanted to wait until the new year to speak on this but I’m to speak on it now. The times that I sit and scroll through social media all I see is post about relationships, how men ain’t shit, and how women ain’t shit. Everybody is so caught up on trying to find “the one”.

Have you took the time to find yourself first?

Majority of my social media following are between the ages 18-28. We are way too young to be putting all of our energy and focus into finding the one.

Spend time with yourself

If it fails,cool. It’ll hurt but you’ll get over it. Stop trying to find someone else when you haven’t had the chance to heal. Damaged people damage people.


When I say bag I’m not talking about just money. I’m talking about focusing on everything that will help secure the future that you want for yourself. Take the energy that you use complaining about failed relationships or how people ain’t shit and put it into something else.

We are way too young to be letting people drain us.

The right one will come naturally. You can’t force that shit and you can’t sit around waiting for it.

When you take the time to learn yourself and your worth it will become easier to walk away when you feel like something is draining you. You will know that your peace of mind is way more important.

Don’t waste time chasing anything but your DREAMS, your BRAND, your BAG!

Everything else will fall in line.

Ebony Blocker6 Comments