H.elp U.s M.otivate P.eople


Their mission?

“ The mission of Hump Life is to help bring positivity to the world but first to our home, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That’s actually what hump life stands for, Help Us Motivate People. We go around the city doing as much as we can from lawn care services to helping people without homes. We’ve been doing this since 2013 and we plan to do it for a lifetime.”

On December 20th, this group of young men held a clothing drive and blanket drive for the less fortunate. They didn’t let the cold or rain stop them! Big shout out to the men of H.U.M.P life for giving us the chance to donate and be apart of something great.

They didn’t make the event feel like a charity event, they made it feel like love. I watched as they interacted with the people that came out and they made them feel comfortable. They spoke life into them and received knowledge from them.

This same group of young men held a good drive back in August! One of the members stated that they will be having plenty more events in the near future.

It’s up to us to help our communities.

It’s up to us to heal our communities.

It’s up to us to make a change because no one has our best interest at heart the way we do.

Ebony BlockerComment