Sex language, Learn it.

Ladies listen, no more putting up with wack sex. It’s time to start speaking up. It ends NOW! I’ve heard to many stories about sex going all wrong and it’s RIDICULOUS. Porn really got people losing their minds.


For me, foreplay is VERY important. I can’t get wet off just liking a person. Fuck what twitter be talking about. The foreplay is what gets me going.

When it comes to foreplay people are into all types of things. You have to find out what it is you like and let that shit be known. I’m big on affection before sex. I liked to be kissed, EVERYWHERE. I like ass grabbing and my sensitive spots to be kissed. Tease me!

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But it’s not the same for other people. Some people are into kinky like hand-cuffs and role-playing. That’s too much for me and I’m too goofy for that. I read that some people also like to be hit during sex. It’s weird to me but different strokes for different folks! That’s why it’s important to know your partner's sex language.

I see a lot of dudes talk about how a female was dry and I be thinking to myself maybe it’s you. A lot of men are lazy when it comes to sex. Lazy and selfish. They skip foreplay and want to get straight to the point, get theirs, and act like they really just put it down. A lot of women be faking it, boosting his ego because she’s “in love” and don’t want to hurt his feelings. FUCK THAT! Start speaking up! Think of it as constructive criticism.

But I’m not going to act like it’s all on the men! We have to do our part also. Bomb ass sex comes from both parties putting in the effort!


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Some people like to make slow, passionate love. Some people like it rough. Some people like both! I fall under both categories. There is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to speed it up and slow it down. Rough but sensitive. I need you to kiss me slowly in the middle of beating my cheeks up!

Life is too short for weak sex. Life is too short to not be getting pleased the way you need to be.

Our orgasms matter too ladies! If you not feeling it stop and put him out.

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Some people may say it’s harsh but I don’t think it’s harsh at all! I’ve had so many conversations with other women and they would say how they try to communicate with their partner and tried to direct them during sex but they would continue to do the complete opposite. That’s a turn OFF! We’re too old for that. It’s either you listen and we work with each other or we can just stop. BIG DOT.  

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