|sis....really ?!|

We are getting too old to not know how to be a good friend to the people in our lives. I always say that you should be the type of friend to other people that you would want for yourself.

Yes, we all have lives and things going on but that’s no excuse to never show up for our friends. I’m going to break this blog down into sections so I won’t be all over the place!

1.sometimes it’s ok to just link and chill!

We have to realize that some of our friends are just tired. Some of us work longer than others. Some of us have more things to do throughout the week than others. We don’t have to go somewhere every time we hang out! We can meet at each other’s houses, chill, watch Netflix, and WINE down. Just a chill ass girls night discussing the things we deal with in life.


But… before the girls night can get started good, someone’s boyfriend will call and here we go! Which brings me to my next section.

2.“idc who I’m with, what plans we had, or how much fun we having, when my man call I’m leaving”


So you mean to tell me you and your friends spent all this time planning things out and one call will make you dip on your girls? That’s bird behavior. We are not in high school anymore. Females are quick to blow their friends off for a dude but when he with his friends, you have to wait! “Ima call you when I’m done hooping with the bros” face ass.

When I’m with my girls, I’m with my girls. When I’m with my dude, I’m with my dude. It’s called balance. Which brings about another section!

3. Learn to balance your friendships and relationship!

Stop getting in relationships and cutting your friends off. Idk about others but I have to have a life outside of my relationship. My space is important.

Females will forget to be there for their friends and family because they’re busy putting all of their energy into a dude. I’m so thankful that my girls and I have balance and understanding.

4. Stop falling out over every argument or disagreement!

We will throw away years of friendship for one disagreement. We are not supposed to agree on everything and soon or later we will have an argument about something. I honestly do not want friends that can’t tell me when I’m wrong or speak up when they disagree. If we have an argument so what ?! We’re human. We’re going to piss each other off sometimes. That don’t mean cut your friend off. It means we’ll just talk tomorrow or whenever we’re not pissed off at each other anymore. We have to forgive our friends the same way we are forgiving these niggas.

And lastly…

5. Sometimes we have to stop making excuses for people.

If something is important to you and you’ve notified people ahead of time and they blow you off, you don’t have to make an excuse for them. Yes, things happen sometimes but not always.

Just remember this, people show up for and be there for whom they want to be there for! Never take it personal though. Keep that same energy with them and keep it pushing.

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