|Living your life for You|

Living life for you sounds so simple, but for some it’s not. This blog is for my people who’s under the pressure of constantly trying to please family. For my people living life doing the things that their parent’s think is best for them to do, when they just want to chase other dreams. For my people that’s afraid of the opinions of others. For my people who feel like they have to walk on egg shells because they don’t want to be judge by family, friends, or strangers.  We’ve all experienced at least one of these situations before. That’s why I’m here, to help and encourage the next person, because I’ve been there.


A Read for you …

Imagine going through life living for everyone but yourself. Imagine getting older and not having any interesting stories to tell your children because you spent all your time trying to please everyone but YOUrself. It’s not a pleasant thing to imagine.

One thing I’ve noticed in a good number of black households is the parents tell the children what they want them to do in life, or should I say what they feel like the child’s dreams should be. I know a lot of people grew up hearing “you need to finish school, go to college, and get a good job.” In a paper that I wrote last semester I questioned why are we always told to go to college and get a good job instead of follow your dreams or start a business. What if college is not the route the person wants to take? What if he/she wants to go out and chase their dreams that may not be the norm? I feel like parents should be able to support the things you choose to do. A lot of things are forced in the black household. It’s too much of telling a person what they should be doing and not enough of asking “what do you inspire to be in life?" 

Pressure- the use of persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something.

Support- a source of comfort or encouragement.

There’s a big difference.

Opinions, Opinions

Once you grasp the fact that no matter what you’re doing and how great it is, people will still have their own opinions. We worry about the opinions of family, friends, hell people we don’t even know. It’s not about their opinion of you, it’s about YOUr opinion of you. If they don’t like the things you choose to be passionate about, oh well. We get one life in this Universe. ONE. Don’t let anyone live it for you.

One thing I’ve learned about people is that some of them you cannot satisfy.

Society itself is never satisfied.

My life became easier when I stopped seeking approval. Stopped seeking approval from family. Stopped seeking approval from friends. Stopped seeking approval from my significant other. Stopped seeking approval from strangers…. Or should I say stopped seeking validation…yea that sounds better, validation. One thing I have learned in my 21 years of being on this earth is that, being yourself attracts the people you need in your life.

I started to show up for MYSELF. I created my own lane, my own path to travel, my own road, and called it Ebony Avenue. I’ve been at my most high since.

That’s what I want I challenge you to do. Put some thought into the things YOU want to do. The things you want to be. Put some thought into your dreams and chase them.

So, years from now when your kids ask about the things you did when you were young, you’ll be able to tell YOUR story. Not the story you settled for.

…And when your time is up in this physical world you’ll be able to look back and say I did that shit.